My Policy on Unsolicited Mail

I often receive unsolicited mail. Some of this concerns questions about getting work in Taiwan; others are inquires about using my name in endorsements and other business ideas. I get a lot of this stuff, so to save everybody time I’m going post a policy on how I handle unsolicited mail.

The Purpose of My Blog

There are a number of purposes which I view my blog as having. The first of these is the promotion of information about English teaching, linguistics and other related fields. This is the priority of my blog and the principle I appeal to when in doubt about a topic or posting. I also allow my blog to be open to discussions of other topics important to intellectual and scholarly development, as well as postings about jobs readers might be interested in. First and foremost, I am concerned about the credability. I refuse to publish anything that will compromise either my credability or that of the blog.

Requests for Job Information

This type of mail includes requests for information about jobs at Ming Chuan University, other universities in Taiwan, or about how resumes should be written. I try my best to answer all of this sort of mail. As a fact, I do not answer anywhere near all of it. If you send me a question and I don’t reply, don’t take it personally. Whether or not I respond has more to do with random factors like what I’m doing that week or if my computer has just had a problem. But I encourage questions of this sort, and I will do my best to reply.

Surveys and Research Questions

I have taken part in a number of research projects concerning my website. Some of these have been from Taiwanese researchers and others have been for projects run out of the USA. I have no problem with this sort request. I know that it will probably result in some of my intellectual material appearing uncredited in others work, but that’s not a big deal to me. I feel I have a responsibility to other researchers to assist with their projects whenever I’m asked.

Commercial Research

I was once contacted by a leading international consulting company concerning my opinions on the industry in Taiwan. I had just started my blog at that time, and thought it would be a lot of fun to talk to them. Since then, I have been approached by other commercial enterpreises for information. Organizations that hope to generate profit from my opinions are asking for business knowledge and as such my cooperation should be treated as a business relationship. Other than this initial request, I have not agreed to provide information to any commercial organzizations. I have also been contacted by non-profit educational organizations for information. I treat this on a case by case basis depending on who they are, what they want to know, and how much time I have.

Link Exchanges

I do not take part in link exchanges solely for the purpose of expanding my link networks. The only links you should find on my site are those that I have personally examined and found relevant to the goals of my site. I do not post links to sites that deal with people’s daily lives, to commercial sites, or to fee-for-use sites. If I have somehow done this, please let me know and I will change the link. I do provide links to some sites that sell products. I do so because of the usefulness of these products to my readers or because they provide for free a lot of great information for teachers. As such, you do not need to buy anything to benefit from reading his site. I also provide links to sites that sell books I reference which readers might be interested in. This is often because they are the only links to the books I can find.

Commercial Endorsements

In general, my policy is to refuse any request to use my name in endorsements. So far, I have been asked to do this several times. In principle, I do not object to the idea, but I have never agreed to a request. Commercial endorsements are a form of business relationship and should be viewed as such. I will not endorse a product or lend my name to a book, school, or learning product unless I am truly convinced that it is worth my endorsement.

Entrepreneurial Requests

I am frequently asked to take part in entrepreneurial ventures. I have not responded to any of these kinds of requests.


3 Responses

  1. …and I was just about to send you a job posting… a posting, not an inquiry…

  2. I read your comments on Rushmore University, any ideas on where to report them as bogus please,I lost more than $5000 through them

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