What’s a Conspiracy Theory

I wrote this piece a couple of years ago, but it seems a fitting time to post it here.

I was recently exposed to the idea that the Denver International Aiport is part of an intergalactic plot to take over the world. You can find a summary of these ideas here on Wikepedia. I know this sounds bizarre, but the idea is that when the airport was constructed, a secret base for aliens was built under the airport that you and I see. For some strange reason, the aliens constructors of what is called the New World Order left all sorts of clues they had taken over the world and are using the DIA as their base. If I haven’t already lost your interest, you can read more about this here and here.

Of course I think this is hogwash, but that’s not what I want to talk about. Instead, I want to address the issue of what all of this says about what a conspiracy theory is and how one gets spread. My contention is that conspiracy theories are just bad journalism. If the investigation is done correctly and the conspiracy is real, the conspiracy disappears and becomes real news. When a conspiracy theory exists for more than a little while, it is because the logical investigative leads that should be followed have not been. Let’s look at what’s being said about the Denver International Airport and try to get my meaning.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Denver International Airport is its murals. The airport provides this information on the murals, and here are some pictures of the more controversial portions. I’m not sure what the mural evidence is supposed to prove, but they are a part of the theory that attracts a great deal of attention. While I agree they are “pretty freaky”, I also think their role in a conspiracy of any sort could be handled by talking to the people who painted them. I’ve had it suggested to me that investigators have attempted this and the painters had been impossible to find. This is not true. In fact, based solely on the names provided by the airport and an Internet search, I was able to find extensive information about all of the painters, and I’ll send it to anyone interested.

The most controversial aspect of the murals involves figures that appear as stormtroopers. This mural was painted by Leo Tanguma. Mr. Tanguma is a well-known artist in the Colorado area. He has taught at School of Education and the Wisconsin Center for Education. A number of websites describe him as a “professor” at the University of Northern Colorado, although I looked through the school’s site and could not find him listed. There are a many photos of him on the Internet. Interestingly, the racist organization Stormfront has not commented on Mr. Tanguma’s alien connections, but members of its forum have expressed their outrage at the anti-White statement’s of his murals.

The point of this is that if someone wanted to find out why Leo Taguma painted what he did, it would be easy. I bet that if you really wanted to talk to him, all you’d have to do is walk into a high school anywhere in Denver and ask one of the art teachers where you could find him.

Another problem is this claim by Steve Snyder who is Public Affairs Office at the Denver  International Airport. Steve states that,

It is important to keep in mind that this airport was the largest, most scrutinized Public Works project in American history. There were cameras and reporters here documenting every single inch of dirt ever moved. If something strange was going on out here, hundreds of media outlets would have been all over it by now.

This is problematic because the interview published on this website states

AC: Well, we think that area is one that leads to deeper levels underground at the airport. But, it is surrounded by a chain-link fence and you can’t get in there. We think this is the area that one of the electricians kind of stumbled into that went down about six levels below the fourth level, and ran into some really weird stuff. He won’t talk about any of it now.

But this should be pretty easy to solve. The airport is really big and it would have taken a large number of people to construct and maintain the underground (alien) portion. Either that, or it was constructed and maintained by alien workers, and then a lack of accountable maintenance would be just as suspicious.

Returning back to the letter from Public Affairs Officer Steve Snyder, Steve claims another one of aspects of the airport’s construction that attracts attention is just a coincidence. Why is the airport called “New World” if it’s not part of the alien-run New World Order? Steve tell us that,

As for the “new world” designation, the New World Airport Commission was simply a group consisting of local business and political leaders who sponsored and organized a number of pre-opening events at Denver International Airport. The airport was to usher in a new era making Denver a world-class city, thus the New World name.

Is this true, though? It should be easy enough to confirm. All we need to do is – once again – locate those businessmen and ask them what’s going on. And since they’re local Denver guys, I figure that’d be pretty easy.

In fact, there should be vast numbers of people with little pieces to this puzzle. The hundreds of baggage workers who Steve claims work down in the tunnels should have seen something. They should know there are areas no one has ever been in; they should know all kinds of strange things about the deeper levels of the airport just by having been around there. For example, has anyone ever died or disappeared?

And it’s just not good enough to say that people keep quiet. Groom Lake and Area 51 are other installations rumoured to be associated with space aliens. I doubt this is true and believe that the area is a test facility for new military aircraft. Regardless, I can still tell you all kinds of stuff. The Internet is full of photos of the place. I know the names of some of the civilian contractors who have worked there because they have tried to sue the US Air Force. Investigators have followed civilian contractors and identified all kinds of interesting things about them. Code names for the flights they take to and from the base have been identified and are regularly watched. I even recall reading news naming the hotels stayed at by Groom Lake contractors. While there is something going on at Groom Lake that I don’t know anything about, at least I know who’s doing it.

So let’s compare this with the Denver International Airport. I also know the names of countless officials and artists associated with the place. I know how to find them if I wanted to. I know an endless amount of information about the layout and organization and official story about the airport. On the other hand, I have not seen one piece of real evidence that would suggest there is anything out of the ordinary going on there. All I see is pictures of strange art in the airport waiting areas. No one knows anything about the aliens. I do not know the name of anyone who has reported strange things at the airport. I do not know any of the strange things that anonymous people have reported. That’s it.

There are real voices that should be speaking about this and they could be easily identified, yet no one who says there’s a conspiracy even seems to know their names. Great reporting that is. And just think about how powerful the claim is – aliens right in downtown Denver. Wouldn’t you want to be the reporter breaking that one?

But then, think of what the real claim is, because it’s not just about aliens. The real claim is about what you need to do to find out what’s really going on, to find the news that’s affecting your life. It doesn’t matter that the Republicans mismanaged Hurricane Katrina. It doesn’t matter that almost half of all Americans have no health insurance. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you live or who you vote for. No sir, you don’t need to excuse the fact that you’re lazy and would rather surf porn than read the news. The real stories aren’t in the news. The real news is badly researched, two-bit claims that no one can verify. And so little is know about them that it takes about 5 minutes to read everything there is about the most important news ever written.

Wow, the world really is simple, isn’t it. And that’s what a conspiracy theory is.


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  1. Dead children, Weeping family’s and children in fear hiding and a military soldier killing a dove in a destroyed city, and you call this “Children of the World Dream of Peace”
    Mr.Leo Tanguma has a very morbid view of peace Mr.Leo Tanguma is very sick in the head

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