What I Think about CSI

I have more than a 100 TV stations on cable. You’d think I could find something I’d like to watch. CSI is pretty much the only major production I can make it through. In fact, it’s only CSI – Las Vegas that I can handle.

Aside from the fact that all the heroes are nerds, the point that sticks out most prominently are their killers. Their killers aren’t members of major crime organizations or criminal geniuses. They’re just a lot of sick people out killing people. And that’s the point of it all. It’s an endless panopticon of psychopaths without a conscience. It’s a world filled with people who will kill your children for fun or your wife because they’re bored with things. It’s dentists who kill their patients and when caught lament that “All good things must come to an end.”

The truth is that CSI used to be much more interesting. Originally, the show was just about crime investigation. And since no one knew much about what went on here, they could show almost real crimes and almost real investigations. Now that we’ve seen all there is to show in a 50-minute TV spot, the crimes and their perpetrators have become even so much more ingenious. And the sex, the sex between married white people has become so overwhelming as a theme for killing, you’d never know that vast numbers of killings occur between coloured people involved in petty drug trade.

But it’s still better than your typical superhero story. There’s Daredevil with one man and all the crime. There’s Batman fighting the League of Shadows. And while the pageant of supervillians is endless, everyone superhero fan knows that all we need to do to wipe out crime and evil is to
get them all. And if it isn’t a supervilllian, these days, as often as not, it’s a government conspiracy or an international crime syndicate.

And then there’s Dr. Gil Grissom, nerd extraordinaire, protecting us from a world of criminal psychopaths who could be and often are our neighbors. It’s not great, but yes, it’s refreshing to know that our lives could be completely destroyed at any second by the smallest trivial random decision that throws us in the path of the wrong trusted acquaintance.


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