Dating Taiwanese Girls

As soon as you arrive you’ll be deluged with questions about whether or not you have a girlfriend and then the real question, “Is she Chinese?” You’ll be told all about how many Chinese girls (Yes, that’s the word that single women prefer) want foreign boyfriends, so of course it’ll be easy to find one. The fact is, this is true – sort of. How true? To quote one English teacher I know, “Look there’s a guy over at the Taipei Hostel, Ron; he’s fat and ugly, he’s bald, he’s broke and he’s drunk all the time – and even he has a girlfriend.” The truth is, you’d have to have some gross physical deformity or be Black (but that’s a whole other story) not to be able to score in Taiwan. And even that would just slow you down. And she’ll look great. Taiwanese women are beautiful. They have wonderful slender figures, long silky hair, their personalities and character are pretty much the way movies portray them to be; submissive and ready to please men. There may be a more beautiful group of women out there somewhere, but I have yet to meet them. Chances are, any woman here chosen at random is the best looking woman you’ll have ever dated.

Or that’s what you and I’ll think. Chinese guys will tell you a different story. It’s widely understood among local guys that the girls dating foreigners are always the ugliest. When I asked my girlfriend about this, however, she told me this was just “sour grapes”. Both she and many of my female students agreed that these women are in fact the most beautiful, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated women around.

That’s the plus side. Here’s the down. Chinese society is very conservative. Dating is strictly serious business aimed at achieving marriage. If that 3-letter word beginning with “s” should show up, you can be sure that the 8-letter word beginning with “m” will follow (‘marriage’ that is, if you haven’t got me). The conservative nature of Taiwan society can make dating as fun as pulling teeth. As one of my students put it, “The first time a guy asks you out, you have to say no.” It is no understatement to say that you might have to ask the same woman out every day for six to eight months before she’ll even agree to see a movie with you. In the worst case, months and months of meeting in coffee shops and going to movies will precede your first kiss, much less anything more exciting. It’s got nothing to do with what she wants. It’s more like, and again, as one of my students put it, “How can I be sure if he really likes me?”

Once that ‘s’ thing starts to happen, don’t think all your troubles are over. Depending on the woman, they may have just begun. A lot of women live on their own, but more likely, she lives with a roommate and then where are you going to go? If she lives at home, even if she’s 33 and teaches at a college, she might have to be home by 11 O’clock. Maybe not, but maybe. Just remember what it was like when you first started dating, back when you were 15 or 16. That’s Taiwan at 30.

It’s not all like this. Younger women are much more “Western” in their attitudes. I’m including in this group the high school girls who grabbed my bum on a crowded train and then asked my girlfriend to tell me how sexy I looked. But don’t overestimate how liberal the Taiwanese woman of the 21st Century has really become. A more likely source of your one-night adventures will come from the class of people that back home you’d call the mentally ill.

You’re bound to hear all sorts of stories about those wild girls. You may live in a hostel where guys are bringing girls back and having sex with them in the dormitory. You may even be one of those guys. Don’t think that a little thing like a smucky personality, lack of looks or even body odor will be a serious impediment. Your white skin and English language ability make you a star on par with famous sports or entertainment personalities. You’ll hear the names of women over and over; Wendy, Kim, who care only if you’re white and speak English. It may be expensive, but the disco scene could provide you with a rocketship to transport you into the fantasy of your dreams.

Just remember to be careful what you wish for; some of those dreams are nightmares. You know that movie, Fatal Attraction, where Michael Douglas sleeps with a woman he meets at a party and she follows him around trying to destroy his life. In the movie she was Glen Close; in reality she’s Taiwanese. Take T, for example. His girlfriend is the beautiful graduate of a major national university. She lives on her own and is trying to become an airline cabin attendant. The problem is that when he tried to break up with her she went crazy. Now, she follows him around to his classes threatening to kill him. At one point she strangled him with a hair dryer cord. Another time, she searched through all the hostels in Taipei and finally found him at the Taipei Hostel at 4 in the morning. She dragged him out of bed and back to her place where she forced him to have sex with her. He later told me that he had to or she’d have hurt him even worse.

From my experience,  T‘s story isn’t even that extreme. Lots of you out there may know worse. So when you start hearing — or telling– all those great babe stories, you just sit back there and listen to yourself. If your friend told you this story back home, and it wasn’t all just part of this groovy scene hanging out in Taipei and having fun, would you think it was a cool ‘getting laid’ story? Or would you think he was one desperate guy to be hanging out with a chick like that? Would you think it was cool bangin’ a babe cause she missed her meds? Do you troll for pussy at the bars next to the psycho wards? You thought that was just for characters out of Kill Bill, but it’s every day here in Taiwan. Just ’cause she has brown skin and doesn’t speak English too well, anything goes. Right?

I know you’ve heard about all those wild local girl things. We all have. And while you don’t have to admit anything here, rest assured that no matter what you say, I know you know.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s better to seems each Taiwanese girls as unique individual since everyone got their own personality.Conservative is good because it’s what god like.I follow what god said and what he love us to obey and it’s turn out good and I have a simple and peaceful life.
    To have sex with every guys you meet can actually get your body screw up.
    If people seems thing as individuality since everyone got their own personality and not all the people are like the same so it’s maybe better not fall into stereotype or bias which will lead to discrimination or spread the wrong massages around.

    I am a Taiwanese girl but I prefer to seem everyone as differently since everyone really think differently and have different point of view.

    Like me,I treat each ethnical as the same because they are all human.

    regardless the color,I treat them equally and I prefer to know their

    personality first if they are a good man then will go to date further.

    But if not then I will refuse or keep them as friend only.

    And I love healthy lifestyle and never smoke,go to bar,one night stand or gambly and have good temper since I love healthy things.

    In some way,I am totally oppsite from what you describe above.

    • those Taiwanese girls you seem that went as psycho is due to culture different.They may have sex already and that is why.
      Those girls may think your friends just try to play with her and that is why.
      Since there are many rumors in Taiwan regarding the white guys are open to sex and not serious with the relationship.

      Some girls think have sex then you are her boyfriends and they given the best of their gift to you which they think you will love her more but you didn’t in her eyes and that is where the conflict come from due to misunderstanding or not intent to understand each other’s thought.

      communication is important in a healthy relationship.

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