Cheney Dodges Draft Then Shoots Man

OK, OK, it’s not really like that. He shoot the man 30 years after he dodged the draft and it was a hunting accident. But what the heck was VP Dick doing pointing a loaded gun in the direction of a person?

Dick Cheney is supposed to be a very experienced hunter. He has owned and used firearms since he was a boy. Despite this, he messed it all up. This article from Yahoo (yes, I know we’re not supposed to be using it.) tells us he was careless and totally responsible for the accident in which a fellow hunter was wounded. Cheney also broke a whole pile of other hunting regulations.

You’d figure the vice-president would know better. But he evidently didn’t. He just doesn’t have the firearms safety training that other presidents, like Bush Sr. or John Kerry, have had. And why would he? Bush Sr. and Kerry are both combat veterans with distinguished service records. Cheney, on the other hand, is a draft dodger who somehow managed to winge his way out of Vietnam.

Really, why would you expect more from the guy?


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